Register for the 2013 VNA Chili Contest

The VNA's 2013 Chili Contest will be held Saturday, October 12th at 6:30pm, at 3808 Arrow Drive in South Austin.

The VNA will sponsor the winning chili at the Lone Star Veggie Chili Championship on Sunday, November 10th in south Austin. To qualify, your chili must meet these criteria:

  1. Only 100% VEGAN ingredients allowed. You'll need to bring a list of your chili's ingredients with you. If you are not yet a VNA member, but you're interested in joining, you can do so at the meeting as well.
  2. The chili must be at the potluck NO LATER than 6:30 so we can label it anonymously, and others won't see which one yours is.
  3. The chili must be finished, no active cooking can be performed at the potluck. (You can have it simmering or whatever in a crock pot if you like.)
  4. This is the most important part: You must be willing to enter the Lone Star Veggie Chili Championship (your entry fee, ingredient and equipment costs will be paid by the VNA), which is in south Austin on November 10th, and prepare five gallons of your chili from scratch on site, with your first batch ready for sampling by the public by 11:30am. (This usually means getting started no later than 8am.)